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    Radio Metros within the El Paso TX DMA 
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    Service Ethnic Type Report Type Available Reports
    Nielsen General Market CDM 3mo Rolling Avg
    Nielsen Hispanic Standard Wi/Sp; Su/Fa
    General Market
    Area Population Rank
    MSA 724,100 76
    DMA 917,700 81
    Nielsen Audio no longer publishes TSA data for all markets so we have removed this information from the website.
    Hispanic Market Estimates
    Area Population Pct.
    MSA 610,900 84.37%
    DMA 740,300 80.67%
    Source: Nielsen’s Audio and Television Market Population Estimates; released annually

    MSA Counties
    State County
    Texas EL PASO
    Source: Nielsen's MSA and DMA Country Definitions; released annually

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    Station Format Power/Freq. Owner Rep
    KAMA-AM Spanish News/Talk/Sports 10,000/750 Grupo Rd Centro KRG-Eastman
    KBNA-FM Mexican Regional 100,000/97.5 Grupo Rd Centro KRG-Eastman
    KINT-FM Mexican Regional 100,000/93.9 Entravision Comm KRG-Katz
    KSVE-AM Spanish News/Talk/Sports 8,500/1650 Entravision Comm KRG-Katz
    KVIV-AM Hispanic 1,000/1340 El Paso y Juarez C-C N/A
    KYSE-FM Mexican Regional 100,000/94.7 Entravision Comm KRG-Katz
    XEFV-AM Mexican Regional 1,000/1000 Nueva Era Radio McGavren
    XEJ-AM Spanish News/Talk/Sports 10,000/970 Grupo Rd Centro KRG-Eastman
    XEP-AM Spanish News/Talk/Sports 1,000/1300 Radiorama SA de CV ABS
    XEPR-FM Spanish Contemporary 20,000/99.1 Grupo Rd Centro N/A
    XEWG-AM Spanish Contemporary 1,000/1240 Grupo Siete Comm N/A
    XEWR-AM Hispanic 1,000/1110 Nueva Era Radio McGavren
    XEYC-AM Spanish News/Talk/Sports 1,000/1460 Radio Formula N/A
    XHEM-FM Mexican Regional 9,840/103.5 Grupo Rd Centro KRG-Eastman
    XHGU-FM Spanish Contemporary 100,000/105.9 Nueva Era Radio McGavren
    XHH-FM Mexican Regional 100,000/100.7 Nueva Era Radio McGavren
    XHIM-FM Spanish Contemporary 14,500/105.1 Radiorama SA de CV Self
    XHNZ-FM Mexican Regional 14,800/107.5 Radiorama SA de CV Self
    XHPX-FM Spanish Contemporary 29,600/98.3 MVS Radio KRG-Eastman
    XROK-AM Spanish Adult Hits 10,000/800 Grupo Siete Comm N/A
    XUAR-FM Rock En Espanol 100,000/106.7 Instituto Mexicano N/A
    XZOL-AM Spanish News/Talk/Sports 1,000/860 Megaradio de Mexico McGavren