Myrtle Beach, SC
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    Radio Metros within the Myrtle Beach, SC DMA 
    Available Research
    Service Ethnic Type Report Type Available Reports
    Nielsen General Market Condensed Sp/Fa; Fa/Sp
    General Market
    Area Population Rank
    MSA 417,600 126
    DMA 728,200 100
    Nielsen Audio no longer publishes TSA data for all markets so we have removed this information from the website.
    Hispanic Market Estimates
    Ethnic population estimates for the Myrtle Beach, SC MSA are unavailable

    MSA Counties
    State County
    South Carolina GEORGETOWN
    Source: Nielsen's MSA and DMA Country Definitions; released annually

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    Station Format Power/Freq. Owner Rep
    WLQB-FM Mexican Regional 6,000/93.5 iHeartMedia Inc iHeartMedia
    WNMB-AM Mexican Regional 500/900 Gorilla Broadcasting KRG-Eastman