Springfield, MO
KGBX 105.9 - Today`s At Work Variety

Format: Adult Contemporary
Description: High profile personalities and great community involvement.
Owner: iHeartMedia, Inc.
Owner To Be:
LMA Owner:
Frequency: 105.9
Power: 38000
Translator Dial Position: No Translator available for this station.
REP: iHeartMedia
Personalities: Murphy, Sam & Jodi with Bob Murphy, Sam North & Jodi Carson - M-F/5A-9A
Jana Sutter - M-F/9A-2P
Jeff Stevens - M-F/2P-7P
Delilah - M-F/7P-12A
Theresa Lucas - M-F/12A-5A
Ellen K - SA/6A-10A
Jana Sutter - SA/10A-3P
Jack Kratoville - SA/3P-7P
The 80's Show with Jeff Stevens. - SA/7P-12A
Dan Blackman - SA/12A-6A
Theresa Lucas - SU/12A-7A
The 80's Show with Jeff Stevens. - SU/8A-12P
Madison Reeves - SU/12P-3P
Jack Kratoville - SU/3P-7P
Delilah - SU/7P-12A
Sports Teams: No Sports Teams available for this station.
Simulcasts: No Simulcasts available for this station.
Co-owned Stations: KGMY-AM
Network: Premiere