El Paso TX
The Q Rocks

Format: Album Oriented Rock
Owner: Townsquare Media, Inc.
Owner To Be:
LMA Owner:
Frequency: 95.5
Power: 100000
Translator Dial Position: No Translator available for this station.
REP: Christal Radio
Personalities: The Buzz Adams Morning Show with Buzz Adams, Joanna Barba, Nico & Megan McCormick - M-F/5A-10A
Glenn Garza (Dubba G) - M-F/10A-3P
Daniel Paulus - M-F/3P-7P
Loudwire Nights with Chuck Armstrong - M-F/7P-12A
Sports Teams: Football - Dallas Cowboys 
Simulcasts: No Simulcasts available for this station.
Co-owned Stations: KROD-AM
Network: Independent