Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
myTalk 107.1

Format: Talk
Description: FM 107 targets the Female Talk Listener.
Owner: Hubbard Radio
Owner To Be:
LMA Owner:
Frequency: 107.1
Power: 22000
Translator Dial Position: No Translator available for this station.
REP: Christal Radio
Personalities: Jason Matheson & Alexis Thompson - M-F/6A-9A
Donna Valentine & Steve Patterson - M-F/9A-12P
Bradley Traynor - M-F/12P-3P
Lori Barghini & Julia Julia Cobbs - M-F/3P-6P
Sports Teams: No Sports Teams available for this station.
Simulcasts: No Simulcasts available for this station.
Co-owned Stations: KSTP-AM
Network: ABC News