Ft. Wayne, IN
1380 The Fan

Format: Sports
Owner: Pathfinder
Owner To Be:
LMA Owner:
Frequency: 1380
Power: 5000
Translator Dial Position: 100.9
REP: Christal Radio
Personalities: Ben Maller - M-F/2A-6A
2 Pros and a Cup of Joe with LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn & Jonas Knox - M-F/6A-7A
Caleb & Kenny with Caleb Hatch & Justin Kenny - M-F/7A-9A
Dan Patrick - M-F/9A-12P
The Herd with Colin Cowherd - M-F/12P-3P
Doug Gottlieb - M-F/3P-4P
The Sports Rush with Brett Rump - M-F/4P-6P
Covino & Rich with Steve Covino & Rich Davis - M-F/6P-7P
The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - M-F/7P-10P
The Jason Smith Show with Jason Smith & Mike Harmon - M-F/10P-12A
Sports Teams: Football - Purdue University 
Football - Indianapolis Colts 
Baseball - Chicago White Sox 
Car Racing - Indy 500 
Basketball - Purdue University 
Simulcasts: No Simulcasts available for this station.
Co-owned Stations: WBYR-FM
Network: WestwoodOne
Fox Sports Radio Network