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    Radio Metros within the Lincoln & Hastings-Krny DMA 
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    Service Ethnic Type Report Type Available Reports
    Nielsen General Market Standard Sp; Fa
    Population Estimates (based on Persons 12+)
    Area Population Rank
    MSA 281,200 159
    DMA 641,800 112
    Nielsen Audio no longer publishes TSA data for all markets so we have removed this information from the website.
    Ethnic Composition (based on Persons 12+)
    Ethnic Group Population Pct.     Rank
    Black 15,700 5.58% 179
    Hispanic 22,600 8.04% 160
    Source: Nielsen’s Audio and Television Market Population Estimates; released annually

    MSA Counties
    State County
    Nebraska DAWSON
    Source: Nielsen's MSA and DMA Country Definitions; released annually

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    Station Format Power/Freq. Owner Rep Translator Dial Position
    KBBK-FM Hot AC 100,000/107.3 NRG Media KRG-Christal N/A
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    KBBK-F2 Contemporary Hit Radio 100,000/107.3 NRG Media KRG-Christal 94.5
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    KFGE-FM Country 100,000/98.1 NRG Media KRG-Christal N/A
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    KFOR-AM News/Talk 1,000/1240 Alpha Media KRG-Katz 101.5
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    KFRX-FM Contemporary Hit Radio 100,000/106.3 Alpha Media KRG-Katz N/A
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    KIBZ-FM Altern/Modern Rock 31,000/104.1 Alpha Media KRG-Katz N/A
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    KIOS-FM National Public Radio 55,000/91.5 Douglas Cnty Schl Dist N/A N/A
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    KLIN-AM News/Talk 1,000/1400 NRG Media KRG-Christal 99.3
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    KLMS-AM Adult Hits 1,000/1480 Alpha Media KRG-Katz 103.3
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    KLNC-FM Classic Rock 3,200/105.3 NRG Media KRG-Christal N/A
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    KNTK-FM Sports 6,000/93.7 BDP Communications McGavren N/A
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    KOOO-FM Adult Hits 100,000/101.9 NRG Media KRG-Katz N/A
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    KRKR-FM Non-Commercial 50,000/95.1 My Bridge Radio N/A 92.7
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    KTGL-FM Classic Rock 100,000/92.9 Alpha Media KRG-Katz N/A
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    KUCV-FM Non-Commercial 100,000/91.1 NE Ed Telecom Comm N/A N/A
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    KVSS-FM Religion 46,100/102.7 VSS Catholic Comm N/A 99.3
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    KZKX-FM Country 100,000/96.9 Alpha Media KRG-Katz N/A
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    KZUM-FM Non-Commercial 1,500/89.3 Sunrise Communications N/A N/A
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