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    Service Ethnic Type Report Type Available Reports
    Nielsen General Market Condensed Sp; Fa
    Population Estimates (based on Persons 12+)
    Area Population Rank
    MSA 334,900 148
    DMA 7,219,100 5
    Nielsen Audio no longer publishes TSA data for all markets so we have removed this information from the website.
    Ethnic Composition (based on Persons 12+)
    Ethnic Group Population Pct.     Rank
    Black 64,800 19.35% 98
    Hispanic 74,500 22.25% 95
    Source: Nielsen’s Audio and Television Market Population Estimates; released annually

    MSA Counties
    State County
    New Jersey MERCER
    Source: Nielsen's MSA and DMA Country Definitions; released annually

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    Station Format Power/Freq. Owner Rep Translator Dial Position
    WCHR-AM Religion 15,000/1040 Townsquare Media Inc KRG-Christal N/A
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    WFJS-AM Religion 5,900/1260 Domestic Church Media Self N/A
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    WHWH-AM Hispanic 5,000/1350 Multicultural Bdsct N/A N/A
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    WIMG-AM Gospel 3,200/1300 Morris Broadcasting C Rosl N/A
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    WKXW-FM Full Service 15,500/101.5 Townsquare Media Inc KRG-Christal N/A
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    WNJT-FM Non-Commercial 110/88.1 New York Public Radio N/A N/A
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    WPST-FM Contemporary Hit Radio 50,000/94.5 Townsquare Media Inc KRG-Christal N/A
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    WTTM-AM Ethnic-Other 10,000/1680 Multicultural Bdsct N/A N/A
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    WWFM-FM Non-Commercial College 1,150/89.1 Mercer Cnty Comm Col N/A 92.7
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